“This thing’s insane bruh!” – Aussie burnout legend Rodney Waters and his famous 1400hp ‘KRANKY’ HQ Holden is in America right now, invades the Hoonigan’s yard for a skid!

“KRANKY, one of the most legendary names in burnouts. And outright hoonage in general. The car that we saw set things on fire on the internet (with just a burnout) – and the car that has been linked in pretty much every comment well we’ve had since 2011. With his car being stateside, Kranky came by the Donut Garage recently to show us what an Aussie burnout is all about. And blow our minds.” – @thehoonigans.

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The conspiracy theorist were right! – Archeologists in Egypt found that due to its shape, the Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy, such as radio waves!

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