Viral in Russia! – Russian rock band Leningrad released an action packed video for their song “Ju-Ju”, by award-winning director of ‘Hardcore Henry’ Ilya Naishuller!

Leningrad’s new clip sees Naishuller’s trademark run-and-gun action style translated into animated form as bloody, jealous battles ensue in a bid to gain control over wealth as the anime characters fly across the screen wrapped in epic kung fu-style struggles.

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Four brothers. Two champions – It’s being called the biggest event in internet history. KSI vs. Logan Paul and Deji vs. Jake Paul takes place on August 25th. My money is on that log. Who you got?

“Swallowed the whole duck. That is fucking insane dude!” – Meanwhile on the Joe Rogan podcast, Ari Shaffir is pissed, thinks a trophy wife named the New Orleans Pelicans!