Fight kicks off at Paris Airport between two French rappers. Cops shut down the terminal which delayed multiple flights. Artists Booba, Kaaris and 9 others were later in handcuffs!

Two French rappers have been arrested after fighting broke out at a Paris airport that caused flight delays and the closure of part of the building. Booba and Kaaris were detained along with members of their entourages following scuffles at a departure lounge at Orly airport. Police say 11 people were arrested in relation to the incident.

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Alexey Molchanov broke the record for the deepest self-propelled dive in the history of freediving, reaching a staggering 130 meters deep!

Teen attacked for deadlifting too loudly in Canadian gym by pre-workout guzzling hot head. The internet is now pissed and wants everyone in the area to have a deadlift party there!