Alexey Molchanov broke the record for the deepest self-propelled dive in the history of freediving, reaching a staggering 130 meters deep!

Alexey Molchanov, the 31 year-old Russian freediver, has made an outstanding performance at 2018 Origin ECN Vertical Blue competition in the Bahamas. He dove the incredible 130 meters in Constant weight (CWT), holding his breath underwater for nearly 4 minutes.

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God bless: If this 70-year-old lady in a Walmart parking lot can return her shopping cart to the corral during a fucking hurricane, nobody alive right now has any excuse not to do the same!

Fight kicks off at Paris Airport between two French rappers. Cops shut down the terminal which delayed multiple flights. Artists Booba, Kaaris and 9 others were later in handcuffs!