“I’m not gonna lie. I’m scared shitless” – Chase Reinford and his maniac friends send it off the sketchiest, 99ft high rope swing we’ve ever seen!

“This was an unforgettable, and incredible adventure with some of the best cliff jumpers on the planet. Nick coulter coordinated the biggest and best rope swing ever created. We were all nervous for such a massive jump, but 3 of us took the plunge! It was a special moment for all of us! The Mike Wilson rope swing was successfully recreated and fully SENT!” – @adrenaline.addiction.

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Meanwhile in Australia, undercover cops drove past at the exact moment a drunk ex-con out on bail was doing burnouts for the misses, allegedly spits at the officers as they arrest him!

Man went viral after running into a liquor store and buying beer while carrying an alligator under his arm, can’t remember doing it, and doesn’t know where the alligator was from!