“He could have died doing each one” – After a year and a half of sending it, Dennis Enarson ended up with 5 minutes of absolute bangers. Takes tech, big gaps and grinds to the next level!

“Dennis has been hard at work on his ‘CAPS LOCK’ video for over a year and a half and always wanted to try to outdo his last Demolition Last Chance video part and went all in to do just that. Every single clip in this is a banger and he could have died doing each one. Dennis brings tech, big gaps, grinds and air tricks to the next level on street.” – @demolitionparts. Photo via the talented @jcobbs.

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Meanwhile at Bam Margera’s house, he’s still living the good life, casually tries to fly his new drone with a vibrator attached to it into his girlfriend’s vagina because Jackass never dies!

The truce between otters and caiman is broken! – An entire family of otters band together to fight a caiman threatening the safety of their cubs!