Two engines? – This ballistic VW Golf gets its 1600 horsepower from its twin-engine, twin-turbo setup, truly defying the laws of tradition!

Seeing a big turbo VR6 stuffed into the back of a Volkswagen GTI is already impressive, but with a second turbo VR6 in the front of the car, this car is worth a closer look! The car is already performing well on the track, and the owner is still dialling it all in!

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Are you not entertained? ‘LFA 46’ just took place on a military base, and this ‘Fight of the Year’ contender takes as much time to watch as it does to cook a Pop-Tart in the microwave!

Meanwhile in Canada, police are investigating a cheeky bastard in his work van splashing pedestrians by driving through deep puddles, could face mischief and assault charges!