Arson lit fire in Greece has now killed 91 people: Shocking phone footage, taken by a man trying to save his cat, shows the deadly wildfire engulfed his home in just seconds!

Greek firefighters have blamed the government for contributing to the unnecessarily high death toll from what is now being described as Europe’s worst bushfires. As firefighters and rescue workers comb the coastline for more bodies, the current death toll stands at 91 people who have lost their lives. Six days after the blaze started, 25 people have also been reported missing, according to officials.

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“Yeah he was lucky, but not for half a million dollars. See you in court!” – Big Lottery win instantly splits up family. We all know who the real winners are going to be, the lawyers!

4-year-old New Zealand kid calls the police to invite them to his police themed birthday party, so they get all their gear on and show up, even doing a fly-by in the police helicopter!