Polish adventurer Andrzej Bargiel is the first ever to ski down K2 from top to bottom, the world’s second-highest mountain, taking seven hours!

K2, in the Himalayas on the Pakistan-China border, is not as tall as Mount Everest, but it is far more dangerous. Many more people die attempting to summit K2 than they do on Everest. More than 4,000 people have climbed Everest, compared to the less than 350 who have reached the peak of K2.

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Continuing to build his resume as a filmmaker, Wu-Tang Clan legend RZA has debuted the trailer for his next cinematic venture. The action packed, heist film ‘Cut Throat City’!

“If we both die, I will get zero press” – James Corden calls Tom Cruise’s 25,000ft HALO jump in Mission Impossible no big deal, Cruise makes him put his money where his mouth is!