Being rich looks like a pain in the neck! – Watch a massive solid gold cuban link chain be hand-made using two kilograms of gold, worth roughly $82,000USD in raw material!

This cuban link chain weighing over two kilograms already costs $82,000USD for the raw material. Who knows what the retail cost would be, but you have the option of either buying that or a new car. Remember though, a car won’t make you look like a don while you stroll along the beach in a speedo.

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Hoops in the Hood: Only a couple of hours off the plane and Aussie’s best burnout boys couldn’t wait to leave their mark on America. Paint Los Angeles back streets for a warm up!

“My boyfriend got stabbed in the face by my brother” – Bodycam shows Los Angeles cops light up an attempted murder suspect armed with knife with shotgun bean bag rounds!