“Cockroaches were probably twerking all in there” – Detroit Popeyes shut down after this footage showing disgusting conditions in the kitchen goes viral on social media!

Dirty floors and weeks-old food are just a small portion of the deplorable conditions found in a Detroit Popeyes that led to the store’s closing on Tuesday. A viral Facebook Live video recorded on Monday revealed employees upset with the work environment and unsanitary conditions of the store. The Detroit Health Department found those conditions deplorable enough to temporarily close the store down completely.

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“We don’t hire thieves.” – Cheeky bastard dacks a can of iced tea, walks to the counter and asks for a job to cover his crime and gets a major slap!

His wife is so pissed right now: Phillies fan catches a home run ball bare-handed while holding his infant child. Becomes the most powerful dad alive!