A single speed V8 turbo with 1500 horsepower!? – Christian von Koenigsegg is a genius, built this insane new supercar with carbon fibre everything that costs $2 million!

It’s one of the world’s fastest production cars with a dash of cutting edge technology and more power than ever thought possible. The Koenigsegg Regera has three electric motors and one twin turbocharged V8 combine to send over 1500 hp and 1475 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels, resulting in a 0-62 mph run of just 2.8-seconds with a top speed of 249 mph. All this, and the title of a megacar, can be yours for just about $2,000,000.

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deadmau5 released a crazy video for ‘Monophobia’ featuring Rob Swire, and it only takes two seconds to officially be crowned the most WTF thing you’ve ever seen!

“Put the knife down now!” – Cops blast old bloke armed with a blade in the crotch with bean bag shotgun rounds like hilarious savages, then release their K9 on him for good measure!