“This is gonna be gnarly!” – Chase Reinford packs up his parachute at 3.30am in his Trump Tower hotel room, dodges security, BASE jumps off the 950ft high roof and nearly dies!

“Sometimes you don’t get to learn from your BASE jumping mistakes because you’re dead. You think you’ve got something, you’re confident about it, then you let your guard down for just a split second too long, complacency kills people. That was gnarly” – @adrenaline.addiction.

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Longboarders can’t kickfli… – Pro longboarder Lotfi Lamaali has some crazy skills on his massive board, shreds the flat ground like a wave!

The original Captain Marvel: ‘Shazam!’ follows a teenage kid who is blessed with superpowers when a wizard gives him the ability to transform into a flying, bullet proof, champion of good!