“You have convinced yourselves that you have extraordinary gifts, like something out of a comic book.” – The first trailer for ‘Glass’ brings the horror and comic book genres together!

Director M. Night Shyamalan scored a surprise hit with his film Split, about a teenager being kidnapped and held hostage by a man suffering from dissociative identity disorder. The end of the film had a surprise: a direct tie-in to Shyamalan’s comic-book superhero homage Unbreakable, which led to an announcement that his followup film Glass would further connect the two films.

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“That is a fucked 16. That’s bigger than a 20 right?” – Meanwhile during Thrasher’s ‘King of the Road’ Mason Silva tempt fate on an infamous rail!

“Everyone was telling me there’s a guy outside looking for me with a shotgun” – UFC fighter Derrick ‘The Black Beast’ Lewis once did 3 years in prison for bashing a KKK member!