“The gun turrets are turning our way!” – Meanwhile in the middle of the ocean, Aussie warship destroyer intercepts a couple of blokes going fishing, tells them to politely piss off!

“Running out to sea on a course we’ve traversed 100’s of times before we suddenly get intercepted by Warship Hobart and told to leave the area. This is a common daily route for all recreational vessels. When we pulled up we were still approx 2km from the ship. We love our Navy and it was awesome experience to see that ship up close. Straya.”

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“Everyone was telling me there’s a guy outside looking for me with a shotgun” – UFC fighter Derrick ‘The Black Beast’ Lewis once did 3 years in prison for bashing a KKK member!

When you double dose your pre-workout and it kicks in: Dude experiencing some kind of medical emergency rams his Volkswagen Golf through the front windows of a gym!