The Essex rave crew return: The Prodigy just dropped a scorching fresh new video ‘Need Some1’. Also announce their new album ‘No Tourists’ and say it’s gonna be aggressive!

The album was written, produced, and mixed by Prodigy’s founding member Liam Howlett at his studio in London. According to Howlett, it’s “equally aggressive as the last records – but in a different way,” as well as written with the stage in mind. “That’s the one thing that brings everything together,” he explained.

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Wiz Khalifa is this generation’s Snoop Dogg and his new banger ‘Gin & Drugs’ from ‘Rolling Papers 2’ is turning into a fan favourite. So today, Wiz honoured it with a music video!

The Sons of Anarchy spin-off Mayans M.C. looks legit, takes us into the life of new recruit EZ Reyes as he joins the Hispanic motorcycle gang!