This Porsche 911 with over 850 horsepower pays tribute everyones favourite childhood game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, by collecting S-K-A-T-E!

Watch as David Rawberts tears up the streets of an abandoned wasteland in a BBI StreetCup 997TT powered by a 9000 RPM BBI 3.8L. Making over 850 Hp through a Holinger sequential gear box, it powers the rear wheels and sends David barreling through the streets of this ghost town.

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Intense as f**k: Criminals gets themselves a ‘5 Star’ wanted level, bodycam footage shows Sgt. Savage shoot them through the patrol car’s windshield. Looks like an action movie!

National Geographic hand selected this high quality film documenting the 430 miles long Mauritania Railway, in the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert!