Buckle up: ‘King of the Road’ is back. Real, Element and Foundation jump in the van for a 2 week odyssey of weirdness, wild moves and plenty of good ol’ fashioned skate torture!

Want your KOTR quick, raw and without all that fancy sh–t? Check out our Webisodes – just like 2005 and always free worldwide! First up, the teams stomp Reno, with a bunch of extra tricks you won’t see on the show. Damn, Evan Smith!

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Take a tour of the $60 million Three Ponds Farm golf course in the backyard of golf course designer Rees Jones in the Hamptons!

Driving a car has never looked like so much fun! – Mad bastard put a triple-rotary mid-engine into a Peugeot 205 rally car, and drives it like it’s running bare foot on hot sand!