What does it take to bolt together the fastest, greatest ever Aussie super-sedan? – Follow a 640HP HSV GTSR W1 down the production line!

The Holden Special Vehicles GTS-R W1 is not just any Commodore. It is the fastest, most powerful and — with an RRP of $170,000 — it’s also the most expensive locally-made car to ever be sold in showrooms in Australia. These cars will be sorely missed!

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“Holy f**k. It’s brutal guys. Oh yes!” – AutoTopNL freaks out when he takes a savage 1000hp, single turbo Audi RS6, built by Klasen Motors, for a test drive on the Autobahn!

A**hole gets attacked after kicking an actor’s Audi R8 because it was ‘too loud’. Random idiot jumps in pretending to be a peace maker, crash tackles the car owner onto the concrete!