Reliably viral animator Felix Colgrave created another of his psychedelic animated stories, and you won’t understand it but you’ll love it!

“A short film made for Adult Swim’s “Off The Air”. It’s about a Trolval, one of the recurring sea monster motifs found on medieval maps, generally in the uncharted spots that might be full of strange things that kill you. Here in Australia was one such spot, and the Western world still seems to view our wildlife much the same.” – Felix Colgrave

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“Push me now, you go to sleep later” – Legendary human Daniel Cormier is the new Heavyweight champion, knocks out Stipe Miocic, gets his magical moment ruined by Brock Lesnar!

Nigerian flatlander loves to ride but didn’t have a legitimate bike. So a group of likeminded individuals pooled their resources together, got him a proper BMX, and now he’s shredding!