Football hooligans relish in the thrill of battle, in some places have rules for fights, but in other ‘old school’ countries there are none! – Take an inside look at Europe’s football hooligan subculture!

The members of these violent gangs fancy themselves comrades in arms defending the honour of their city’s football club. But most people consider them nothing but a bunch of beasts. Videos and photos of hordes of football hooligans on the rampage have been front and centre in the press in recent years. However, little has emerged about who these people are, or why they behave the way they do.

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On an adventure we go, to loose our mind and find our soul: Ride towards the weekend with Milk & Moss blankets. Available on the Shock Mansion Store. Photo via @trentwoken

“I felt fine, 10 minutes later, I was dead!” – C.T. Fletcher had a heart transplant this year, and is pushing himself to show the person who’s heart now beats in his chest how grateful he is!