“This girl can’t be more than 13. Oh god I’d gonna come…to my senses and call the police” – What kids really do on the app ‘Musical.ly’, prepare to cringe yourself into oblivion!

“What the f**k does hit it from the front even mean when you’re twelve? The only thing I hit from the front are piñatas.” Holy sh*t the cringe of the tongue moves. This video just reminds me I have no idea what young people do these days. I’m so glad I grew up before my cringe was recorded for all of time.

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When seatbelts aren’t enough! – Engineers are going above and beyond to protect the drivers of the fastest generation of rally cars ever!

On an adventure we go, to loose our mind and find our soul: Ride towards the weekend with Milk & Moss blankets. Available on the Shock Mansion Store. Photo via @trentwoken