Shocking footage shows a shark biting the finger of a woman that attempted to feed it in Western Australia, dragging her into the water. Escapes with a fracture and a torn ligament!

There’s a few things Australia is well-known for: Vegemite, Hugh Jackman, and our particularly aggressive wildlife. And it’s not just foreign tourists who need to be mindful. Melissa Brunning got the shock of her life when a shark she was feeding latched onto her index finger and dragged her into the water.

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His shirt says “no drugs no alcohol”, but he is clearly addicted to bass! – When he wakes up the next day feeling like he’s ran a marathon, hopefully he sees this and understands why!

Gillian Anderson is done with The X-Files, but she hasn’t stopped believing. ‘UFO’ is being called an edge-of-your-seat thriller, and judging by the trailer it looks like a fun ride!