‘Rake thin’ Thai boys and their soccer coach found alive in a flooded cave after 9 days. May be stuck for 4 months before they can be rescued as the Navy considers teaching them to scuba dive!

Twelve Thai boys and their soccer coach who were trapped in a flooded cave and lost for nine days may be stuck there for months before they can be rescued. The ‘rake thin’ schoolboys, who were found starving but unhurt by two British volunteer divers, may have to survive in the cave until October when water levels subside at the end of monsoon season. Cave experts say it would be ‘unbelievably dangerous’ to try to get the boys out while the waters are still high with more heavy rains expected over the next few days.

Must have been very surreal from both perspectives. The kids seeing lights slowly emerge from black water after days of darkness, and the divers finally finding them after risky searching.

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