Gillian Anderson is done with The X-Files, but she hasn’t stopped believing. ‘UFO’ is being called an edge-of-your-seat thriller, and judging by the trailer it looks like a fun ride!

Derek, a brilliant college student, haunted by a childhood UFO sighting, believes that mysterious sightings reported at multiple airports across the United States are UFO’s. With the help of his girlfriend, Natalie, and his advanced mathematics professor, Dr. Hendricks, Derek races to unravel the mystery with FBI special agent Franklin Ahls on his heels.

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Shocking footage shows a shark biting the finger of a woman that attempted to feed it in Western Australia, dragging her into the water. Escapes with a fracture and a torn ligament!

“Do you know that they shoot radiation into your f*ckin’ spices!” – John Joseph, Cro-Mags singer and author of ‘Meat is for Pussies’, shows us how to make a vegan deep dish pizza!