Porsche is King: Sweet Jesus this on-board footage of a ‘919 Hybrid Evo’ hitting 370kph and ripping the Nürburgring lap record to shreds is insanity. Surely nobody can go faster!

This is big. Porsche has not only broken the Nürburgring all-time lap record, but smashed it into pieces. Porsche already held the record, courtesy of Stefan Bellof’s scintillating 6m11.13s qualifying lap from a sports car race in 1983. But its 919 Hybrid Evo has just taken 52 seconds out of Bellof’s 35-year-old lap time, setting a scarcely believable 5m19.546. Behind the wheel was Timo Bernhard, a Le Mans winner with Porsche and a multiple winner at the ‘Ring. He was a natural choice for such a committed record attempt.

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