“Why can’t they do this in London?” – Undercover police officers riding dirt bikes give suspected moped thieves, allegedly carrying knives, a taste of their own medicine in Manchester!

In a video captured in North Manchester, two mopeds riding side-by-side approach a roundabout, suddenly they are intercepted by two dirt bikes belonging to Police. One moped rider crashes into the plain-clothes police officer and runs off, while the other – carrying two people – is restrained by another officer. Shortly afterwards, a marked police motorbike appears. Seeing one of the suspects escaping, it speeds off in chase.

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The Mayweather of Muay Thai! – Lerdsila is the most evasive Muay Thai champion today, his ability to duck, weave, step and avoid any attack thrown at him earned him the nickname “The Eel”!

When two college kids start arguing over whose father would win in a fight, David Spade, a drunk, deadbeat dad takes it seriously in new Netflix comedy ‘Father of the Year’!