“She looked up and there was a big tiger right at her fins” – Fearless Aussie babe Jackie Brown from the ‘Young Bloods’ has a close encounter with a shark while playing with dolphins!

“Perspective from above coming face to face with a beautiful tiger shark. Moments before I had just picked up a buff bream head that a pod of dolphins had discarded so this shark was looking for food. Clearly I wasn’t on his/her menu as I scared the hell out of it when I brushed its head with my fin!” – @_jackiebrown and @brodiemoss.

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“Suicide if you ever try to let go” – XXXTentacion attends his own funeral in haunting video for ‘SAD!’ only one day after 8,000 people attended the rapper’s open-casket memorial.

New ‘Mile 22’ trailer shows Mark Wahlberg as a CIA operative who is tasked with transporting a valuable intelligence asset through 22 life threatening miles of dangerous territory!