Dat Ass Tho: Sketchy couple try to buy a can of Pepsi with a stolen credit card, cops arrive, girl sneaks away and tries to hide inside the convenience store roof and falls through!

Boyfriend of the year material right there. There’s “human shield” and then there’s “human shield/weapon”. I always love a good video of someone falling through a ceiling and this does not disappoint. She doesn’t let it slow her down too much!

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Marilyn Manson has just added another cover song to his twisted menagerie. From the classic 1987 vampire flick The Lost Boys, ‘Cry Little Sister’ now has a frightening ‘MM’ twist!

The Mayweather of Muay Thai! – Lerdsila is the most evasive Muay Thai champion today, his ability to duck, weave, step and avoid any attack thrown at him earned him the nickname “The Eel”!