“What’s good?” – Nate Diaz is always in a fighting mood, whether he’s getting paid to do so by the UFC, or Stockton Slapping sh*t talkers at Jiu-Jitsu events. He doesn’t discriminate!

Seems like Nate Diaz is itching for a fight, because he got in the middle of another brawl at an MMA event and TMZ Sports has the video. It all went down in the crowd of the Fight to Win Pro 77 event at the Hyatt hotel in Sacramento, where Nate was supporting some of his MMA students who were competing.

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Age is just a number you old freaks! – Legendary 75-year-old man built a VW Golf R with 600 horsepower, and it’s as brutal as his lawn bowls skills!

Watching a Russian guy light progressively larger fireworks and throw them into a river is weirdly the most relaxing thing on the internet today!