Age is just a number you old freaks! – Legendary 75-year-old man built a VW Golf R with 600 horsepower, and it’s as brutal as his lawn bowls skills!

When you give up on life and buy a standard Camry, you may as well trade it in for a coffin. Instead you should spend all your life savings and put a massive turbo on something like this legend. Arthur, you’re an inspiration!

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“Shut up you f**king f*ggot” – Super wasted UBER passenger thinks she is in her own truck, gets angry and smashes the driver’s phone. The real victim in all of this is her fiancé!

“What’s good?” – Nate Diaz is always in a fighting mood, whether he’s getting paid to do so by the UFC, or Stockton Slapping sh*t talkers at Jiu-Jitsu events. He doesn’t discriminate!