‘A Sniper’s War’ looks at the Russian-Ukrainian conflict through the eyes of a pro-Russian sniper, battling NATO and United States forces!

‘A Sniper’s War’is the story of Deki, a sniper whose anti-US views led him to join the pro-Russian rebels in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict-a primary source of tension between the United States and Russia. When social media becomes a communication platform to schedule sniper duels, Deki’s rival threatens to kill him. The filmmaker obtains unprecedented access to military bases and frontline battles. She collected hundreds of hours of footage to paint an intimate portrait of the complex and fascinating nature of a sniper.

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Meanwhile at a moon lit drift circuit somewhere in Lithuania, 12-year-old Nikolass Bertans, aka NIK NAK, and friends push their grumpy V8 powered BMW’s to their tyre sparking limits!