Self confessed ‘moon-faced conman’ Oobah Butler bullsh*ts his way into Paris Fashion Week posing as Georgio Peviani, a knock-off brand found in market stalls around the world!

Google the name of this apparently Italian man and you’ll find page after page of his denim jeans. But he doesn’t exist, obviously. He’s absolutely a knock-off. But who for? If its Armani, Peviani isn’t benefitting from the brand association, as the logo doesn’t look anything like Armani’s. Whatever: people are buying his stuff nonetheless. He has a brand in his own right and is doing everything a designer should do. Apart from existing. There’s a void where he should be.

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Iran fans gathered outside of Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel and partied as loud as possible before they faced Portugal the next day, and Ronaldo came to the window and responded as nicely as he could!