Madness: If you thought EDM crowds were devoted, you’re obviously foreign to Hardstyle. Defqon 1 just went down and the breathtaking synchronised crowd was back in full force!

“Eight jumps to the left, and eight jumps to the right! I thought I’d get trampled during that crazy tradition, however all limbs remained intact. Power Hour was complete f**king insanity; from the beginning right up ‘till the end, visitors of the main stage went completely crazy. The tunes this year were also superb.”

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Rapper Nipsey Hussle slapped a security guard across his face in a parking dispute while on his way to rehearse for a BET Awards performance!

From $5,000 to $17.8 million: Why are Rolexes so expensive? There is a rumour that in order for the watch to leave the factory in Switzerland, it has be to recognisable from 20ft away!