It’s official, London is reaching sh*t-hole status. Courier stumbles upon moped thieves trying to steal a motorbike using an angle grinder, they pull out a machete when he tries to stop them!

“Whilst out working as a courier I was on my last dispatch in this housing estate when I noticed sparks coming from a parked motorcycle! I Immediately knew it was thieves and parked further up the road, I confronted the thieves with a tool I quickly grabbed from my motorcycle which helps me unclip the box from the main bike. Without that I may well have been stabbed for daring to foil the thieves theft attempt” – @handmuffwarrior.

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“There’s a monster outside” – The Meg starring Jason Statham and a 75ft shark known as the Megalodon is being called the biggest, dumbest and most awesome guilty pleasure movie of the year!

“I’m a first generation millionaire” – YG recruits Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and 2 Chainz for his new video ‘Big Bank,’ the all-star single off his upcoming album ‘Stay Dangerous’!