Aerial specialist and towel designer: Fast, raw, and aggressively stylish, an oxymoron that only makes sense for a surfer like Chippa Wilson and his new signature ‘Slowtide’ towel!

“For Summer 18 we partnered with our friend the style master and air-extraordinaire Chippa Wilson. The Cabarita Bloom is named after Chippa’s hometown and features vintage colours with a touch of checkerboard. We linked up with Chippa for a quick trip to the beach and a surf of-course.” – @slowtide.

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Chaos on the canals of Amsterdam! – Tourists, drunks, large ferries and low bridges all make navigating through the waterways of this city harder than you’d think!

The ultimate buzz: With a fresh 125 and Darryn Durham’s backyard practice track, ‘The Viewing’ boys let the two-stroke scream around the Pennsylvania hillside in ‘Still Smokin’!