“Oh there’s a guy on the barge!” – Ballsy tugboat Captain pulling a barge, dodges surfers and takes on a big swell breaking across the channel, loses instantly snapping the steel tow cable!

@casasirenasurflodge narrates a pretty sketchy incident from the peak of the swell a few days ago. I was one of the heads bobbing in the foreground of this video. The video filmed from our boat does not do justice to the size of the barge, tug boat, and waves. Probably one of the scariest days of surfing in my life for many reasons, this definitely being one of them.” – @blairconklin.

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It’s hard to say what the upside of streaking on a football field is? You might get a few seconds of glory, appear on ESPN, or get lit up by Lions defensive back Marcell Young!

Arkansas fan gets trucked by security at College World Series. No jukes, no spins, no hesitations, not even so much as a head fake. What the hell kind of effort was that buddy?