Jared Adelson filmed for 8 months and collected the craziest scooter footage, from the megaramp to the streets, and many heavy slams in-between!

“Well… finally after 8 months of filming and working on this project I couldn’t be any happier to finally share with you my newest and best video to date. Coming off of shoulder surgery I am very grateful to be riding and feeling better than ever. I have worked so unbelievably hard to film this video, and have continued to push my skills, my mind, and my body.” – Jared Adelson

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Golf champion Phil Mickelson missed his putt and chased after his ball, putting it back up the hill while it was still in motion and got a two stroke penalty!

It’s hard to say what the upside of streaking on a football field is? You might get a few seconds of glory, appear on ESPN, or get lit up by Lions defensive back Marcell Young!