Golf champion Phil Mickelson missed his putt and chased after his ball, putting it back up the hill while it was still in motion and got a two stroke penalty!

Phil Mickelson, who was already four over par for the day, badly overhit a putt on the 13th green which looked in danger of rolling off the putting surface. He ran after the ball and knocked it back up the hill before it went too far, deliberately incurring a two-shot penalty rather than risk running up a bigger score.

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“Hey man, don’t f**k with the cops!” – Drunk guy tries to fight a police officer in the street. The law complies and throws fists instead of shooting the guy dead, sh*t ends with a taser!

Jared Adelson filmed for 8 months and collected the craziest scooter footage, from the megaramp to the streets, and many heavy slams in-between!