“In Romania, if you are making a lot of money, you must be doing something wrong.” – Go Inside the world’s capital of camming, where women can make a killing live-streaming online!

Bucharest, Romania, is the camming capital of the world. In a country employing thousands of people in its multi-million dollar cam industry, Bucharest is at the heart of the action, home to professional studios dedicated to camming and countless women who can make a killing live-streaming online.

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“He handed me a cheque for $4 million.” – Tony Hawk talks about the video game franchise that changed his life, and the insane money it generated!

“I’d smash Conor McGregor in a UFC Octagon” – The Mountain goes on Ireland’s sports show ‘Off The Ball’, claims it would take 5 McGregors to beat him, but what about USADA testing?