Holy sh*t: Crazy winds wreak havoc on a picnic, cause a Port-A-Potty tornado lifting them several stories high, spraying their disgusting filth everywhere, like an eagle with diarrhoea!

Straight out of a sh*tty horror movie, a pair of port-a-potties took flight after some heavy winds hit a gathering in Colorado. The area’s local TV station reported that no one was hurt, though they did not comment on whether or not anyone was covered with sh*t, piss or whatever it is they put in port-a-potties to make them smell like that.

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Stunning in it’s power and glory, the 200mph, twin turbo, 471hp, V8 powered, carbon fibre Ferrari F40 is a f**king automotive masterpiece, and we thank Enzo for his farewell gift!

Scooter kid becomes a scooter man and attempts to jump down the world famous Lyon 25 stair set in France, and was still struggling to walk on his sore legs a month later!