Someone at FOX allegedly leaked uncensored audio from Terry Collins’ profanity laced rant at umpire Tom Hallion. Dear MLB, give us every mic’d up ejection you’ve got. Sincerely, everyone!

Ever wonder how the conversation might go between a manager and an umpire after your star pitcher is ejected from the game? Whatever you imagined, this much is true: Imagine more curse words. And for some reason, at least one inscrutable, oft-repeated phrase involving a butt and a jackpot.

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Fight the fearsome Mongol Empire as they invade Japan in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’. With gameplay so stunning it’s left people wondering what they did to deserve such perfection!

This is the guy you want patrolling your neighbourhood. F**king fearless police officer runs towards gunfire, captures alleged gunman. 0 to 100 in a blink. Life of an urban cop!