“It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears of frustration to film a video part, and Real BMX is no exception” – Shredder Corey Martinez takes home the X Games ‘all-street’ gold!

Real BMX, the all-street BMX video contest brought to you by the World of X Games, has drawn to a close. The Fan Favorite vote was a one round, winner takes all battle to the finish. Fans watched the videos and voted for their picks to win. In the end, the video put together by bronze medalist Brad Simms and his filmer Christian Rigal emerged victorious.

It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears (of frustration) to film a BMX video part, and Real BMX is no exception. Behold the moments before the “makes.”

Corey Martinez.

Brad Simms.

Colin Varanyak.

Sean Ricany.

Tommy Dugan.

Kevin Peraza.

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