“This is a dead end fam. Oh f**k!” – British government receives thousands of phone calls about a prisoner filming his second escape attempt on Snapchat, but all is not what it seems!

It turns out that the unwitting viewers fell victim to an elaborate hoax, played out by YouTube pranksters Troll Station. The lads set up an elaborate hoax video, where they pretended to break out of prison – and Snapchatted it. The prank was set in a prison named HMP Shrewsbury, which actually closed down and is now used as a tourist attraction for guided tours, educational days and events. Classic banter.

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Meanwhile in 1987, the first trailer for the new ‘Bumblebee’ movie is finally here. Promises something very different from Michael Bay’s noisy orgies of transformer destruction!

Warning graphic content ahead: After taunting a Saltwater Crocodile for nine bloody years, Pippa the terrier, otherwise known as the ‘dumb blonde’ has finally run out of luck.