“Mother f**ker!” – Police receive 58 ‘water fight’ related calls of people blocking the streets. Female cop tries to disperse what social media called ‘The Purge’ and gets drenched!

This cop was hopelessly outnumbered. There is no chance on her controlling the situation at all. She should have stayed in her car and just yelled at them from the loudspeaker till backup got there. The appropriate response would have been bringing in the fire dept with hoses.

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1,000’s of years after a cataclysmic event, humans try to survive on a planet where gigantic moving cities ruthlessly roam in Peter Jackson’s post apocalyptic thriller ‘Mortal Engines’!

“Damn” – Guy with a granite chin gets sucker punched outta nowhere, turns around and lays the dude out in the purest possible sense with a massive, CTE producing haymaker!