“Damn” – Guy with a granite chin gets sucker punched outta nowhere, turns around and lays the dude out in the purest possible sense with a massive, CTE producing haymaker!

Jesus, there’s no way I could ever bring myself to fight on concrete. Every time someone goes down it’s a dice roll whether they’ll be ok, or they’ll smash their skull open. If you’re on concrete it should be submission moves only. But I understand most people aren’t calm and collected enough to think like that in the heat of the moment.

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“Mother f**ker!” – Police receive 58 ‘water fight’ related calls of people blocking the streets. Female cop tries to disperse what social media called ‘The Purge’ and gets drenched!

How to make perfectly fluffy pancakes! – Clinton Street Baking Co. in New York City has mastered the art, and top them off with house-made maple butter which is more addictive than crack!