“Stop revving your f**king car dawg!” – Skater gets pissed at a $300,000 chrome wrapped, V10 powered Audi R8 for making a racket, smashes in the windscreen with his board!

Let’s face it, teenagers do dumb sh*t. When we were young, we have all done pretty stupid things and it’s a trend that is sure to continue. Sometimes though, you can’t help but wonder exactly what young men are thinking as they take part in certain activities, completely disregarding other peoples’ hard work entirely. Whose side are you on?

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“Oh sh*t, I shouldn’t have woke him up!” – Good samaritan finds a man fast asleep in his car, decides to wake him up and instantly regrets it!

“It’s going to be a 25 minute war!” – Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, one of last years most entertaining brawls will be fought again when Whittaker meets Romero at UFC 225!