Post Malone is a rockstar! – This mini documentary offers a rare glimpse of a rockstar on the rise, meeting with his old teachers, classmates and family members!

Born in Syracuse in 1995 but raised in Grapevine, TX, Austin Richard Post has grown up to become one of the most powerful creative forces in pop culture today—as well as the most misunderstood. MASS APPEAL pulled up to the fast food restaurant where he used to work, spoke with teachers, classmates, family members, and Dre London, the manager who’s been rocking with him since his first SoundCloud upload.

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FBI agent’s gun accidentally fired and hit someone in a nightclub when he went for a backflip in the middle of the dance circle!

Following the trail of his missing fiancée, one man finds more than he bargained for after teaming up with a local hunter who has his eyes set on killing Bigfoot in new horror ‘Big Legend’!