First Spin: After a chance encounter with an ATM that never stops spitting out cash, Anderson .Paak’s take on the lifestyle of the super rich is pure money in new video ‘Bubblin’!

Paak’s newest single is a high-energy banger that explores aspects of the come-up, and the Calmatic-directed video is just as animated. The creative, surrealistic visual finds the 32-year-old performer making it rain anywhere possible: next to a billboard that shouts out his hometown of Oxnard, Calif., while hanging from a chandelier, and even at a fast food restaurant as women dance all around.

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That is the bravest f**king thing I’ve ever seen – Real life Spiderman scales a four storey block of flats in Paris to save the life of four-year-old boy clinging to life off a balcony!

Martial artist smashes a brick, then bends a metal pole with his shin bone! – Seems like an unorthodox training method, but he’ll be ready to fight a street sign if it whistles at his girlfriend!