Is there a recipe for success at California’s infamous backwash arena ‘The Wedge’? Nah mate. You’ve just gotta send it and hope you don’t get pitched spine first into the sand!

The Wedge at Newport in California is one of those waves where you get worked more times than you make it and when it’s on, draws spectators to the shore like a magnet. Crowds gather along the beach to gasp, laugh and wince as riders of all types of surfcraft, get smashed, pitched, drilled and pounded into the Southern Californian sand.

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American loud mouth visits a Chinese Taco Bell, orders 6 beers and two cocktails, says the food taste way better than in the States then spews it all back up right out the front of the restaurant!

Meanwhile on the grimy streets of Ukraine, you guys wanna see a dead body? Drunk a**hole attacks random guy, gets himself banished to the Shadow Realm via a delicious KO!